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Tiling Process

Tiling your Bathroom floor & Walls

Our specialist will prepare the foundation, lay the tile, and grout your floor so it will last for many years to come. Buy a tile that's durable and aesthetically pleasing to you. Purchase more tile than you'll need. A good rule of thumb is to get 15% more tiles to account for tiles you may need to cut to fit in narrow spaces and tiles that will break in the shipping process.

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We can renovate your Bathroom from a small scale or large-scale approach based on your budget, because there are actually different aspects of the bathroom design that you can change.

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There are many ways of laying tiles: 

Straight (or Stack Bond), Diagonal, Herringbone, Stretcher Bond (Brick Effect), English Bond 

  • First off, the walls all around the bath are tanked (made entirely water-proof) using a tanking kit to be sure absolutely no water can seep through to the walls and bring about any issues connected to water ingress beneath tiles.

    Then, we map out the tile pattern to ensure that the finalized pattern feels proper and we’re not getting any awkward or needlessly small cuts. A little time devoted during this period could help save lots of time and trouble later on.As soon as the vertical and horizontal axes are resolved, a horizontal baton spanning the entire circumference of the room is attached to the wall.

  •  After that tiling starts.

  • As soon the tiles are stuck to the plasterboard above the baton entirely round the room, the window reveals may then be tiled.


The floor is next ready for tiling and then also tiled.After the floor is over-boarded, the underfloor heating cable can certainly be laid out – this basically comprises of putting the heating cable and temp probe down to the tile backer boards.

We check the heating line at this stage to make certain that it really works. The very last thing you want is to actually bury a defective heating cable underneath the tiles, that will subsequently end up being removed when you discovered that the heating unit did not function.

Right after the tiles are set (and the adhesive has set) the outstanding wall tiles may be fixed.

When all tiling is finalized, and the adhesive has absolutely cured the tiles can be grouted.

Following grouting and tile polishing.