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Demolition of Old

Our Company is ready for Demolition Process.

Our team can help take the burden off of you during your renovation.
Start your demolition. When you’re tearing out your old bathroom, start by taking any decorations out of the room. Then, remove any hardware, such as faucets and drains, followed by your sink and vanity. Next, remove your tub or shower from the room. Finally, take out the flooring until the room is completely empty.
Renovating a bathroom can take multiple weeks to complete if you’re doing it yourself. Our company will do this job professionally in 6 working days if the project is standard.

Why Choose Our Service?

We guarantee to do our utmost to meet all the requirements of the client, and bring as little as possible distraction to the lifestyle of the client.

Expert People

Our well trained are always courteous to customers

Success Company

Our Team is multi trade skilled and fully insured

Quality Work

Our quality of work is their quality of life.

24/7 Support

In case of emergency we are available all the time during the project

Use a different bathroom while you’re remodeling. Since your bathroom renovation will take some time, make arrangements to use a different bathroom while you work. Use another bathroom in your home if you can. Otherwise, we will install all the evenings temporary toilet, so you don’t have to interrupt your renovation.

Start with demolition, followed by flooring, plumbing, electrical work, painting, and then installing fixtures. Expect to spend the most time during plumbing and electrical work.


Order products in advance. Most stores won’t have exactly what you need in stock and will have to order it in. Check with the store on what they have in stock or how long it takes for them to deliver. Many places can get your fixtures delivered to you in 2-4 weeks, our Partners usually supply all the sanitary ware and tiles in few days. Custom accessories may take longer to ship.

Warnings :

Never try to change plumbing lines or electrical systems on your own.